We’re pleased to have the following volunteers coaching with the Falls Aces for the 2018 season!


  • Larry Hanson – Head Coach
  • Matt Wiekowicz
  • Jake Michalski

U12 – Navy

  • Jacob Windom – Head Coach
  • Rich Ratay
  • Tony Koenings

U12 – Red

  • Schuyler Belott – Head Coach
  • Steve Coppersmith
  • John Booher


  • Jake Jensen-Cordoves – Head Coach
  • Keith Springman
  • Aaron Lilach

Pitching Coordinators: Rich Ratay, Tony Koenings

Catching Coordinators: Jacob Windom, Jake Jensen-Cordoves

Hitting Coordinators: Schuyler Belott, Aaron Lilach

Fielding Coordinators: Keith Springman, Steve Coppersmith, John Booher, Jake Michalski

Falls Aces Baseball has access to some of the best baseball minds in the game to supplement our coaches’ experience. From current MLB personnel and former MLB players, to gurus in technology, statistics, strength training, and baseball mechanics, Falls Aces Baseball offers Menomonee Falls athletes the latest development strategies and tactics available.

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