12 Reasons to Choose the Falls Aces

Around this time of year we get peppered with a lot of questions about our program, usually about what makes it unique as compared to other programs in the area. The problem with that question is clear: we aren’t different. We are a youth baseball program, just like the other 900 trillion clubs, teams, etc. in the area.

We don’t compare ourselves to other programs, not because we are so unique, but because at the root of all programs is a common goal: produce better baseball players. These are, however, 12 reasons for your family to consider the Falls Aces: Continue reading 12 Reasons to Choose the Falls Aces

2019 Falls Aces Tryouts

It’s early to think about 2019 already, but before you know it Fall will be here and tryouts will be in full swing! In order to reserve a tryout spot, sign your athlete up following this link. Information on tryout dates, locations, times, and more is below. Walk ups are not allowed!

2019 tryouts info

New for 2019 tryouts will be a multiple day tryout format that showcases both individual skills and the ability to compete as a team. The assessment days are inside at The Launch Pad, the indoor training facility of MFLL.

Athletes returning to the program have the option to assess before these dates if schedules conflict, however there will be no make up date for the Simulated Game barring inclement weather.

If your desire is to maximize your playing time by working hard to improve your skills, then Falls Aces is the program for you! There is no “social club” or “daddy ball” to deal with. Playing time and positions are earned by each player, each year, each game, each practice. Don’t waste your time being the 11th guy on your current team just because “they don’t know you”, join a program that values hard work and gives you the chance to prove yourself.



Menomonee Falls Little League (MFLL) is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement to provide an indoor training facility for its families, starting this fall.

Sean Paterson, President of MFLL, said, “We have been trying to find the right fit for an indoor training facility for a few years, and as luck would have it, one of the local programs in the area no longer had a need for their facility. After doing a great deal of market research, we decided this was the right time and right place to invest in our MFLL families.” Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: The Launch Pad

1st Annual Falls Aces SlugFest

slugfestJoin us as we kick off our last fundraising event for the 2018 season by slugging balls outta the park!

Click here to learn more about our 1st Annual Falls Aces SlugFest, featuring prizes for top sluggers and teams. Admission tickets provide food and beverages (no alcohol allowed folks).

The day begins with a competitive kickball game between the 4 Aces squads and ends with the Aces Coaches taking on the U13 Aces in another “friendly” kickball game.

All proceeds go back to the program and help keep player fees reasonable while also adding additional Winter practice time. See you there!

-Coach Aaron

Avoid Confidence Killers

Baseball is arguably the toughest sport to play in order to preserve any self-confidence. Fielders can make 18 out of 20 plays, including a few beautiful web gems, and all anyone wants to focus on are those 2 errors. Hitters are excellent if they get on base 40% of the time, yet so much focus these days is on how much they strike out. Pitchers lose their confidence quickly, particularly when they feel the strike zone is “shrinking” or their defense let’s them down. It’s a tough game to remain composed and confident in, but there are a couple ways for Coaches to help younger athletes preserve their confidence.

20223An example would be how we “score” our hitters during games. When kids are at the plate it is really important for them to forgot about things like batting average. Batting average is not the best indicator of how good of an at-bat one has had in my opinion. To keep kids confident, measure something – anything – else. We score each at-bat with a simple 3 point system: 1 point for a poor AB, 2 for an average AB, and 3 for a good AB. We then tally the points up at the end of the game and let the kids know how many points they earned that game. The beauty is that even the kid who goes 0-3 with 3 strikeouts still earns at least 3 points. There are no “zeroes” for them to focus on, therefore even if they had 3 really poor at-bats, they can feel OK about it since they earned 3 points.

What makes a good AB? For us we look at extra base hits, an AB that produces a RBI, or an AB (regardless of the outcome) where 7 or more pitches were thrown. A poor at-bat might be one where an out is made in 4 or fewer pitches. An exception to a poor AB is that any hard hit ball is considered an average at-bat, so when a kid smokes a first pitch line drive caught by the shortstop, he earns 2 points instead of 1.

We use another team-based scoring system to help score our defense and pitching as well, and we’ve found that the kids really like to know where they stand after each inning. Our overall goal is to avoid the pitfalls of “normal” thinking about whether a team or individual had a good game or not, allowing them to preserve at least a bit of their confidence.


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